From Mercury to Pluto

by Cooking with Caustic

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released July 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Cooking with Caustic NSW, Australia

Cooking with Caustic are a 10 piece Blue Mountains collective who blend intricate, mood-driven instrumentals alongside tracks which showcase a variety of guest vocalists and MCs.

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Track Name: About to Fly (feat. Tenth Dan, Ev Jones, Madame Wu & Queen B)
Yeah I wake up at the crack
Like Aerobics Oz Style
So tired my eyes close to tap on the mobile
Resetting the profile to silent
I’m only 20 years old and over this 9 to 5 shit
Already ready for retirement
Peddling bikes in the dead of the night
Never got my license
I lack the drive
Gotta shift time to find it
Split-minded, do I stay home and get fired
Or rise out the humble abode for the grind?
I find myself fork in the road
Thinking of life
Thinkin bout time’s past in the blink of an eye
And why the fuck I’m getting up at quarter to 9
When I could be recordin and rhyming and performing it live
Cost and Matias as fly as a concord
Walking through a storm in the sky
Sharper than a porcupine
And that’s why I’m sayin it’s nice

You only, you only live once

Nothing is for certain
Billowing curtains
I slip from my carefree sleep
Into the burden of dreams
A mate’s barbeque
In the quiet fortitude of this afternoon
We watch the sun go down
And down a few
I fill my cup up, a barbeque duck
In a pub above Chinatown
Looking down on the suits
Make a beeline for the commute
They scurry to their catacomb apartment homes
That glow like beacons in the dust sky
We still cicadas underground
Grubbing in the muck
Sipping on sap of cheap beer on tap I rap
And here you are about to fly
I grab a schooner of cider
Watching the fighters
TV and lighters switch and flick
From incendiary tyrants to
Muscly giants
So glad only four walls confine us
And no one can find us

You only, you only live once
Track Name: Crooked Eye (feat. Broken Thought Theory)
When it comes to hip hop
I play the case like
Murder on the bass line
Word is on the grapevine
You all about that fake shine
You need to get your rhymes better fuck your fine sweater
What you know about the scrap by
Take five, good people pushed to the wayside
Last place in the race if you don’t like to spray mic’s
With straight lies, I'm laced tight for the chase I
Think a couple of you n me need a little face time
Speaking of that, I won't let you waste mine
You waist deep in shits creek and it's about to change tides
Won't change facts, to change tax brackets or play crap in an obey hat
I rather just say bye
The same cat with insane raps, always getting hammered
Man it's a great life we don't get to taste twice
Hooky on the nonsense
Rookies wanna pop shit?
They cooking with gas
We're cooking with Caustic

It's one thing for you to be inspired
By your art and your victories in situations dire
Completely other thing, to be a fuckin liar
Speak and know this isn't me, just lookin for a buyer
See through, like some tracing paper
But your fragile, easily ripped, become exposed
I can see you talkin bacon, paper
But you lack style, he ain't the shit, another clone
Factory line production, made to fit a mould
Label it as gold, then table it and fold
Disable it with constant pressure, force it to explode
Droppin shit heavy til the porcelain is broke
Like all these rappers out here speaking in spite
Of their real lives actin all secretive like
Ya the bullshit seepin through the speakers n mic
With no disguise we can see you're just a thief in the night
Track Name: Under the Carpet (feat. Charlotte Craib)
It’s hard to ignore
Your breath smells like honey
This is all uncharted and chancy
Feet cold and runny
A searing challenge
Making sense of the signs
All I can do from scratching these lines

Under the carpet
It’s too much to deal
Sweep this under the carpet
Too hard to make real

This voodoo is burly
Such puzzling harmony
I can't tell if I love you
Woozy ambiguity
Following suit
Swallowing words yes
Biting my tongue and
Fighting these urges

Under the carpet
It’s too much to deal
Under the carpet
Too hard to make real
Track Name: Magic Switch (feat. Blackjack Davey)
She don’t even notice when I’m away
And I can’t even focus. I’ve gone astray

I’ve thought myself in circles now
I’ve thought myself to the floor
My mind has locked me away in my room
Without a friend to ignore
I think about things of consequence
But least of all my own
And none of the things I say make sense
To anyone in my home

I don’t want to dwell in apathy now
For others have worse than I
I just want to let go of my mind for a day
And look over at the other side
I try to let go but I fall on the fence
It’s this fence that holds my eye
So I sit here alone, with my pen in this place
And the mirror can’t tell me why

Well my eyes are growing weary
And my lungs sure need a rest
And the same can be said for this bleeding heart
That pounds away in my chest
But if I had a magic switch
To control all that I obtain
There would never be too much of a choice
I would defuse my brain

She don’t even notice when I’m away
And I can’t even focus. I’ve gone astray
Track Name: Natural Selection (feat. Queen B, Blackjack Davey, Madame Wu & Mikoen)
There's too much
and it's said in anger
There's too much
and it's done to hurt

There's too much aggression and wrong direction
It must be time for reflection and dissection
With all the focus on correction of imperfection
Well I subscribe to the theory of natural selection
Your affections don't align with my projection
The insurrection of your mind was my intention
And these objections they are blind to our complexion
Too long we hide in a serial lack of introspection
Disconnection of you all will force election
The circumspection of the law will cause defection
And the rejection of the war will spawn infection
We're falling back to an imperial point of intersection

There's too much
and it's said in anger
There's too much
and it's done to hurt

My anger is unequivocal
Only release I’ll ever have is lyrical, so typical
My manner once soft became unapologetic
Anger once lost reclaimed, apoplectic
I never should have got
Involved with a flotsam, jetsam man lost at sea
Cos all I got now is a cold belly
But I’ll rewrite the rules like Elizabeth Macarthur,
Wait for you like a Tom Stoppard character
The gravity of your handsome features
Just left me speechless
Now there’s no time to mourn
I must pick up this art form
But your ego’s deformed
Cos you pitch at my skin with your fork
Scratching away at blood clots so carefully formed
The quick sand of your concern
Turns too quickly into hurt
Want to lather you in dirt
For all that I nurtured, you never returned
But let burn

There's too much
and it's said in anger
There's too much
and it's done to hurt

Read my lips I can freestyle sick
But I gotta get that money just to feed my kids
Neither rich nor poor but I'm down for the cause
Fuck a round of applause
Ideas so deep you can drown in my thoughts
Still trying to kill my energy source with negative thoughts
Repetitive chores
Intellectually a weapon Sir, my pen is a sword
When I enter a door, recognise I threaten with raw rage
Plus to enforce hate endeavours to stall change
Conquered the ball game
Living underneath war planes
Small change dividends
Kick it to cause pain
AIDS-filled syringe I stick it in your vein
Get the point straight h
Hit em up with that raw shit
Board ship, talk shit, you’re lucky to walk kid
Metaphors, I let em spray like I severed a vein
You reckon you’re grade
I reckon I’m a fucking weapon on breaks
Track Name: Escape! (feat. Madame Wu & Mute)
When did all this nonsense stop
Youth under lock and bolt
Energy levels are terrible
Remember when we used to go to the pool in the Gong
Piecy hair ensconced in salt
Feast on dare and fault
And what went wrong?
We duck crude darts
But for the fuel in the car
Duality of my heart
We swing unshaved legs along
The moon light strides through this open song
Casting oblong shapes, as the actors in the play
As the grey light shifts from left to stage right
Sun baked rocks feel so good on the souls of our feet
Not a soul on the beach just the glint of the skin of the sea
So dope, so awesome
Swerve, so you err on the side of caution
How do I broach the subject?
Approach it with a suave gentle touch
Be careful not to swear too much

I take a lil brrr out my belly ache an take a very long break
‘n I betcha I can break ya varied ccconcentration
Under constellations of southern flox, sumn knocked
Somehow we forgotten how a rivers get da heat off
I need often ask why we slave under a middle class
Simmer under suits insteada runnin open pastures
When last year, da year before da last clear, resolute
Revellin aloof, let it loose kat were laughin
Why is it da last thing, get singin in enchanment
Skin sun water tingle gimme dat enhancement
What i understand is my pleasure needin up n dance
I don wanna wait until a schedule is a buckled chance
Measured in advance gettin blinded by circumstance
Lusting for luck sex subtle interaction
I will not be rationed my own satisfaction
Meeting in the moonlight refuelling the passion
Forget about em watchin let em do a re-enactment.

I don need to tell you its worthwhile
Trying to escape
To take a lil break
From da everyday landscape
Man vs patience a lady awaits
I don need to tell you its worthwhile
Trying to escape
To take a lil break
From da everyday landscape
Girl vs time an the world won't wait

But its hard when the media
Is grabbing your attention
Try not to buy new things
But you’re restless
Got one neck for the chopping block
One for the necklace
Say no to that sullen temptation
Meet me where the river parts into the basin
It’s not George’s, it’s ours let’s face it
There are no crowds down here
Just the litter of the leaves, amazing

I see it your way, n finely see it clearer then the gemstones
Over head gum leaves are tellin us of lessons old,
Spirits wanna let us know from times of creation
Everything on offer left a sign on a sailing wind
Guiding us away from a trap mediocre
Freein up our hope till it openly encapsulates
Ascertained notion of beckoning elation
Embrace it simplicity as wriiten in my nature
I don’t need to tell you it’s worthwhile trying to escape,
To take a little break, from the everyday landscape
Man VS patience, a lady awaits
I don’t need to tell you it’s worthwhile trying to escape,
To take a little break, from the everyday landscape
Girl VS time and the world won’t wait